4or Zine ~ Fundraising Lockdown zine


Note: This is a pre-order! Magazines should be with us within the week. This is a very limited run! So get yours while you can.

A diarised exploration of the UK lockdowns, by people experiencing it. All proceeds going to charities that are particularly impacted by the Covid crisis - see below for more details!

4or Zine (aka 4or Weeks Zine) is a project run by CONKER in response to the Covid-19 lockdowns and the overthrowing of our day-to-day norms. The zine explores the lived experiences of numerous individuals through diary excerpts, photos of daily walks, and open dialogues around the mental health difficulties experienced in this challenging time. We imagine that this will become a form of time-capsule for future generations to consider the experiences of normal people in the lockdown. The magazine has been created in order to raise money for charities - particularly those most impacted by the virus - including Hackney Foodbank*, 1NE*, a drugs and alcohol rehabilitation centre in North-East London which focuses on one-to-one and group therapy, and also has a family and youth support network. We will also be donating to AKT: LGBTQ+ Youth Homelessness Charity*, based in London, Manchester, Newcastle and Bristol.

Through buying and enjoying this zine, you are supporting some really important charities! So, thank you x

*We are donating as an independent organisation and not as a commercial partner to any of these charities.