Independent irregular art magazine. CONKER is created by and for survivors of marginalising experiences.

Focusing on personal storytelling, art, poetry and creativity as a means of healing. 

Founded in 2016.


CONKER PenPals (2020) is the newest addition to the CONKER family. The sibling platform was created to rediscover the lost and slow moving art of letter writing and the importance of offline communication. 

4or Zine (aka 4or Weeks Zine) is a project run by CONKER in response to the Covid-19 lockdowns and the overthrowing of our day-to-day norms. The zine explores the lived experiences of numerous individuals through diary excerpts, photos of daily walks, and open dialogues around the mental health difficulties experienced in this challenging time. We imagine that this will become a form of time-capsule for future generations to consider the experiences of normal people in the lockdown. The magazine has been created in order to raise money for charities including a food bank, a drugs and alcohol rehabilitation centre and an LGBTQIA+ youth homelessness charity.